Photo b&w; Kleiderglück Epilog: Arezzo it’s your turn

Photos in b&w. A Ballroom in the heart of Arezzo. Recently renovated frescoes. The windows on the upper floor produced the ideal light, a perfect background for me to redeem a promise.

At short notice, the delicate evening and wedding robes could not fly to New York.

So here I am, travelling through Tuscany to set in scene the designs of “Kleiderglück” a small creative design duo from Malschenberg. Now those robes and evening dresses received a truly royal scene in the dance hall of this former Palazzo. The court couldn’t have been more fitting: Our hostess Eva Vujacic, founder of  and a fervent wedding photographer at Eva Vujacic Photography. Together we planned this event.

The wonderful ballroom, the jewelry from Leda Otto, perfectly coordinated with the dress creations. Model Katia Salvietti, with a great feeling for expression and mood, together with young Anna Coleschithe fresh face of a promising model. Mary Iacicco conjured the hair creations and was alternately make-up artist then again the helping hand during the photo session. Hours went by, and we had transformed our ideas into elegant, timeless but unique new presentations. See for yourself… colored versions are to be found in the previous blog post.